Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Release Tension and Relax

Did you know.................................?

How many times have you heard this question?
Did you switch off?
Did you listen half-heartedly?
Did you listen, and actually take the advice/info on board?

Well, I listen to what people have to say. ALL of it!
I must know what they want me to know.
It may well answer my own question!
Sometimes our unconcious mind has a question.......for a valid reason that we might be unaware of..........it sends it out, and then someone comes over and starts talking to us.........for instance:

"Did you know that you can get a series of mental awakening messages online?"
.......Hmmmmmm, I was only asking myself that question the other day!

See what I mean?

Well, for those people out there who have wanted to find a truly inspiring website to release their daily tensions, relax their minds and bodies and grow as a person, here might well be the answer to your question.........


Quite simple really. I mean it....this particular website is a very simple and powerful means of getting the things you want most from your day. Peace, contentment, love, energy, they can all be yours, and more.

Of course there are other ways and means, aren't there? And yet you have been directed here........for a very good reason, which by the way, you may not be aware of.

Trust your unconcious mind to deliver what's good for you. Carefully listen to the voice in your head that tells you to drive this way today - it could mean you avoid an accident, or that you get to your destination quicker!

Go check out this peaceful website.....I know you'll be thankful that you did.

I'll have another blog in this series very soon, charting my own personal development recommendations, as I discover their worth. It's been a long journey already, and it seems that I've only just begun, such is the wealth of information available!

Thank you for visiting.
May your life prosper, through your unconcious actions.

Smartini. x

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