Friday, 8 May 2009

Follow Your Dreams - They Could Come TRUE!

When you have a dream, a vision of how you'd like life to be, sometimes you think that's all it can be!

Well, I've got news for you........ That dream, that vision, could well come true!

By using a set of actions that will create small shifts, you really could be living the life you dream of, in real life!

Want to know more?

It's a simple concept - and involves total belief and trust!

Do you have your dream in mind?

What is it?

Picture the scene, smell the air within your scene and describe what you have just conjured up, at the front of a new journal, NOW.

Now, Read your words, is there anything you can add to make it more real?

WHEN would you like this to become your life? NOW?

Just add these words to the start of your 'dream':

I am now living my ultimate dream. YES, It's come true. I am/have.............(the description of your dream follows on here)

You see, the power of NOW, is incredible. If you always 'wish' for something, you will always wish for it, unless you make it happen!

Taking the feeling of 'having' and 'living' your dream, makes it seem more real and therefore the excitement of experiencing it NOW, will fill your body and mind with an energy that will begin to attract what you wish for.

Now, don't go thinking you can wish for extra arms or legs and they will start to grow, let's be a little more realistic - at least to start with! If other people have what you wish for, then it's entirely possible for you to have it too! Dreams normally consist of a lifestyle change, like being better off financially or having THAT car! Maybe a beautiful relationship, having a family, or even a house in an idyllic location. What's your dream?

So, you have your dream written in detail, in your journal and it excites you. It's written as if you have it now, and it's something you know you could have. so then what?

Start a vision board. This simply consists of a board of some sort, (could be an empty wall!) some sticky tape, glue or tacks. Your dream will become your vision, visible every day!

What would your whole life look and feel like, in your dream? Can you find images that represent your dream in magazines or papers. Coloured images, not black and white, as life is colourful, so get some catalogues or travel mags. Lifestyle magazines or a printout from something on the web. Then cut out those images that look like the kind of life you wish for.

Stick them, pin them or paste them on the area you have decided will hold your vision. Do you get it? This area in your home is 'holding your vision', so you can live it daily and remember the excitement that you felt by bringing your dream 'to life!'

Are you excited by what you have created so far? Are you intrigued?
In my next post, I will add some additional steps that will create further shifts in your mind.

AND, I know this process works, as I have done it myself. I will share some of my successes with you to inspire you.

Thank you for reading this, and for adding me to your favourites.

Huge virtual hugs,