Thursday, 22 July 2010

The 6 Human Needs probably think you have more than 6 right? Well all your needs have a core common ground, so whatever you want or think you need, will be underpinned by a particular human need, common to us all!

I've listed and provided simple explanations of the 6 human needs as I know them. I do hope they hit the mark with you and create a 'lightbulb' moment that will light up your life!

Feeling sure about your life and having a level of security that makes you feel comfortable.  It can be repetition and routine that is enjoyed, and schedules that are familiar. It can be quite boring for some people to live in certainty all the time - and also challenging for others - especially where one partner enjoys some uncertainty and the other maintains a 'boxed' life. Here, values may need to be assessed to ascertain the best way forward!

Having a requirement for risks in your life.... Be it super sports, enjoying a freelance career, surprises, holidays in different countries...are elements that create excitement and fun, and a little (or a lot) of what you fancy, might just take you outside the 'normal' box! It's good to live outside the box sometimes, so we can really experience life in all its exhilarating glory!

Being praised and thanked for your work, having a stage presence, entertaining, creating events, and wanting more from life than a backstage view, creates a feeling of pride and worthiness. The ego can live here too - and when significance becomes the main human need, our other needs and indeed others we know, may be challenged by the competition!

Love and Connection
A need to have friends, lovers, solid partnerships, strong family connections, collaborative co-workers and real-life relationships with people of similar values, leads people to search with their hearts not their heads! Having love and connections in our lives helps us to find solutions to our challenges as well as enjoying the fun times. The common denominator is people. Where an individual is a loner, they may find their love and connection with pets and animals.....whilst some may indulge in liaisons that are periodic! We all need love to survive and thrive and we will find it to suit our levels of self-esteem and confidence.

When life no longer provides you with everything you want, what do you do? Some people begin searching for more! Ever heard someone saying; "Is this all there is to life?" This is someone who wants more and is on the precipice of discovering that life does indeed have much more to it - by 'Growing' into the next level up - and learning new subjects, becoming philosophical or spiritual.Growth brings people together and enables sharing of interests and information between groups. Once Growth is sought, the next level is swiftly found....

It has been understood that the greater our knowledge of ourselves and of life, the more we are attracted to contribution. This includes voluntary work, helping others, working in caring environments and becoming the 'shoulder' to cry on for many! To contribute to another's life is a fulfilling experience and this feeling cannot be bought! It is for our highest good, that we contribute a part of our life to a worthy 'cause' and those who reach this level of human need, stay at this level! Those who reject help as 'charity' are lacking in one or more of the other human needs, as to accept help is to reject the ego and accept love!

I hope my (own) explanation of the 6 human needs has found a place in your heart that says "AHA - YES!" and serves you to discover more about yourself and your life. I am a living product of self discovery and though it has always brought its challenging moments, I have enjoyed my journey thus far, and continue to experience a joyful ride into the hills of life - bumpy and challenging as they are!!!

Perhaps you will allow me to guide YOU with your challenges. Write to me personally, leave a comment or come and find me elsewhere on the worldwide web! If I can help, I surely will!

My very best wishes for the best in your life.
Andrea N Smart